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Gear & Clothing


One 5 and one 7 weight rods are ideal. A 3 or 4 weight rod will work good in smaller waters as Pichi Leufu or Traful rivers.

Floating lines for both rods. Fast sinking tip lines 150-250 grains shooting heads are recommended for the 5-7 weight rod for streamer fishing.

Leaders 4-5x 9-foot and 1-3x 7,5-foot.
Tippets 2-5x are recommended.

Dry flies: Royal Wulff, Irresistible, Griffith GNat, Elk Hair and G. Caddis in #12-18. Stimulators in #10-12. Tarantula, Chernobyl Ant, Madame X, Hoppers in #6 and 10.
Quantity: 3-4 of each.

Nimphs: BH and non BH Hare's ear, Prince, Pheasant tail. Tan, green, black.
Caddis emergers in #14-18. Green scuds in #18. Damsel, Dragonflies in #6-12.

3-4 of each.

Streamers: Beadhead (BH) Wooly buggers with rubber legs: olive, black, brown.
BH Matukas, Rabbits, similar colors. Bitch creek and other bright flushy streamers in #4-8. Quantity: 3-4 of each.

Suggested Fishing Clothes

During early and late season mornings and evenings are quite cool, as to wear a jacket over a thick fleece pullover or polar. Ocassional rains may occur. So bringing a rain jacket will help our anglers in getting more comfortable.

In fact, we suggest you to bring:

  • Warm and cold weather clothing.
  • Polar fleece underwear (for use as first skin or underwader pants).
  • Rain or wading jacket (Goretex is desirable, also to be used as extra layer).
  • Comfortable walking or hiking shoes.
  • Sun and rain hat.


  • Breathable waders (Goretex is desirable).
  • Strong wading boots.
  • Polarized glasses.
  • Strong sunscreen (we suggest 30-50x)
  • Personal medicine.
  • Video and picture camera.
  • Personal lantern.


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